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askthesky.com is a successor of Talk About the Passion (TATP) and Star69 web sites which were quite popular in years 1995-1997 and were no longer updated since 1997.

This site will try to provide many of the popular features of above mentioned web sites - TATP photo archive and some special features. It will not try to be an r.e.m. online fan community, news site or lyrics, guitar or audio site. There are other better sites with such information available, you can find links to them in web guide and r.e.m. info sections.

askthesky.com is maintained by myself, Peter Oberc, 22/m from Ljubljana Slovenia. I've been a fan of the band since 1995, but this doesn't mean I like Monster ;)) My favourite R.E.M. songs are Country Feedback, Nightswimming, Electrolite, Hope, Belong and similar slower and deeper songs. Why I like R.E.M. music? Well, they're the only band I know of that makes music for every possible situation in life and gives you the freedom of interpretation - as Mike Mills said recently, " ....there are really no wrong interpretations of Michael's lyrics. They're non-linear, oblique and open to that. And it's what in contributes to the albums' longevity - they can change and grow over the years with you as you change".

If you'd like to contact me, feel free to e-mail me at peter5@peterweb.com or find my on ICQ - my UIN is 6595869.


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