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This section of the site is not available yet and to be honest, I don't have a clue what I'm going to put in here, so... for now, here are some R.E.M. related sites everyone should be aware of:

REMHQ.com - Official R.E.M. site from the band & fanclub

Murmurs.com - news, lyrics, chat, discussions, THE r.e.m. community site

The Complete R.E.M. Lyrics Archive - by Kipp Teague

The R.E.M. Chord Archive - by Chris Bray

The R.E.M. Collector's Guide - By Jason Zimberoff

R.E.M. Timeline - 1999 Concert Chronology

Automatic Baby - dedicated to R.E.M. & U2

and a very interesting site dedicated to Michael Stipe:

Where in the World Is Michael Stipe?

and a Yahoo! Club for Mike Mills fans....

Mike Mills Sanctuary

Also don't forget this great MP3 traders' site with a FTP server full of live MP3s!
R.E.M. Multimedia Archive

Other links:

"Let the music carry you away" - Sabine´s R.E.M.-Homepage
R.E.M. en Espanol - a nicely designed site in Spanish
Automatic For The People Page
R.E.M. in Spanish - by Alejandro López
R.E.M. Up and Down

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