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This is the only living section of askthesky.com website. Featured here are various R.E.M. related galleries of photos taken by myself, screenshots from R.E.M. videos and live performances, audio files of certain performances and other things that are in a way exclusive.


Photos from R.E.M. concert in Koper, Slovenia, July 25, 1999
(a gallery of my photos) - 33 photos

Photos from R.E.M. concert at Stirling Castle, Scotland, July 21,1999
(a gallery of my photos) - 11 photos

Other special features:

R.E.M. penpals - in association with PenpalsNow

R.E.M. Art
- drawings of R.E.M. made by fans

Screenshots from Daysleeper video

Screenshots from video of R.E.M. concert in Vienna (6.11.1998)

R.E.M. "sightseeing" in Athens, GA
- a gallery of my photos


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